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Canadian Women Artists' Books


Curator: Peel team
June 1st – August 6th 2020 
Pushing the limits of the traditional book form and constructed using a wide variety of formats and materials, artists’ books first emerged in the 1960s and 1970s as an expression of social and political activism, a way to "talk back" to mass production and mass media. In the decades that followed, these unique or limited-edition hand-made art objects soon became valuable and highly collectible. The Peel library's newest digital exhibition highlights a selection of artists' books made in Canada by women: Canadian Women Artists’ Books. 

This summer, we will be offering a limited opportunity to view these special artists' books on display in Bruce Peel Special Collections during normal hours (Monday-Friday 12:30-4:30pm).

Thanks so much to the team of student researchers who, funded by the SSHRC-sponsored "Women Writing and Reading in Canada from 1950" project, did the original research and prepared the exhibition upon which this one has been built.

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