Image of legendary mountie Sam Steele posted in a BC pot shop

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What does Rod Macleod, Professor Emeritus in University of Alberta's Department of History and Classics, have to say about the dispute over an image of the legendary mountie Sam Steele hanging in the window of a BC pot shop and the resulting trademark dispute with the RCMP? See CBC News story (10 Dec 2019).

Portrait of Steele, ca. 1915

Earlier in the year, University of Alberta Press issued a major biography of Sam Steele by Rod Macleod, Professor Emeritus in U of A's Department of History and Classics. Link to the CBC's book review: "Feminist and Family Man: Book Shines New Light on Legendary Mountie Sam Steele." The paperback edition of the book is available from U of A Press and from Indigo and

A few copies of a special limited edition hardcover are still available for sale only through Bruce Peel Special Collections at a price of $75 (tax included). We only accept cash payments in Peel, but you can prepay by credit card by contacting Terry Gong (780-492-8320) in the accounting office.  If you wish to have one or more limited editions mailed to you, then please email your request to We charge $10/copy for shipping and handling.

For information about the Sir Samuel Steele Collection housed in University of Alberta's Bruce Peel Special Collections, check out the Steele website here.

In 2017, Bruce Peel Special Collections launched a digital exhibition curated by Alison Rukavina, a professor in the Department of English at Texas Tech University. In this exhibitionSam Steele's Forty Years in Canada: History or Fiction?Dr Rukavina reveals some of the reasons that it is difficult to distinguish historical fact from fiction when she explores the story behind the story for some of the most dramatic events recounted in Steele's 1915 memoir.

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