What do Clara Hughes, Roméo Dallaire, and Stephen Mandel have in common?

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Bicycling for Ladies, acquired in recognition
of Clara Hughes in 2014
Q:  What do Clara Hughes, Roméo Dallaire, and Stephen Mandelhave in common that connects them to University of Alberta?

A:  The remarkable accomplishments of these extraordinary individuals led the University of Alberta to award each one of them an honorary degree.

The Diary of a Young Girl, acquired in recognition
of Roméo Dallaire in 2016

The University of Alberta has been presenting honorary degrees to influential, inspirational, and visionary figures since its founding in 1908. Librarians in Bruce Peel Special Collections have, for the past thirty years, celebrated each honorary degree by specially selecting a rare book that honours the recipient's accomplishments. Thanks to contributions from the Senate Library Endowment Fund, honorary degree books have been presented in recognition of the outstanding achievements of such notable figures as Wayne Gretzky (2000), k.d. lang (2008), and His Highness the Aga Khan (2009).

Edmonton Visitors' Guide, acquired in recognition
of Stephen Mandel in 2016

With the Spring 2017 honorary degree recipients to be announced soon, we encourage you to check out the Peel library's online exhibition that celebrates both the honorary degree recipients and the special rare books selected to celebrate them.

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